Smart Urban Mobility

Our app guides from a point of origin to a destination using public transport: bus, tram, subway... providing relevant information throughout the journey. Using real-time route calculation, the app supports on-the-fly route creation and modification.

Universal Accessibility

OnTheBus has been built to be used by anyone. Designed following the universal design principles, it includes a specialized interface for the visually impaired and elderly, ensuring user friendliness and ease of use. The app incorporates various pre-set profiles to enable users with disabilities to access all functionalities.

Proximity Information

OnTheBus can integrate local data to show proximity information: chemists, hospitals, restaurants, tourist info, specialized stores, etc. It is an excellent tool to help people in emergency situations and to foster local tourism and trade.

Easy integration

OnTheBus makes use of data already available in every smart city, such as the location of bus stops or tube stations, routes, timetables and real time public transport information, if available. Integrating your city with the app and deploying it is simple and inexpensive.

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